“The art is awesome. It’s like Dr. Who and Æon Flux had a kid.”

—Some Guy

Help your dauntless hero, Nate McClusky, explore a mysterious alien spacecraft fraught with danger. You must master gravity as you send Nate whirling through the sinister ship in a relentless pursuit to learn its purpose. As you make progress, unlock the captivating story of how Nate embarks on his journey…and help him discover the mystery.


Offering unique art styling that brings together the graphic details of print comics and the dynamic fast pace of mobile games, Nate’s Ascent is an engaging casual game that comic enthusiasts and gamers alike will love.


Nate’s Ascent is a side-scrolling platformer that is simple to play but difficult to master. Jump, invert gravity and perfectly anticipate how to land while collecting pods that allow you to continue after missing a platform. Choose from 2 gameplay modes: Levels which allows you to develop your skills gradually, or Endless which thrusts you into a challenging, never-ending game. You control how you learn Nate’s story.


  • 64 Meticulously Crafted Levels
  • 13 Masterfully Drawn Comic Pages
  • 10 Original Musical Compositions
  • Endless Mode with Leader Boards